Sodium Alginate Food Grade

Sodium Alginate Food Grade

Discover the versatility of sodium alginate food grade, a natural polysaccharide derived from brown seaweed.

Known for its superior gelling, thickening, and stabilizing properties, Sodium Alginate is an essential ingredient in both culinary and industrial applications.

Whether you’re a chef looking to experiment with molecular gastronomy or a manufacturer seeking reliable food additives, our high-quality Sodium Alginate is the perfect solution.

E401 Sodium Alginate Powder Food Grade

Category E Number CAS No. HS Code Origin MOQ
Thickeners, Stabilizers
100 kg
Food Grade Sodium Alginate Table of Contents

Our Products

We offer a range of sodium alginate food grade products to meet various needs:

1. Viscosities:

Low Viscosity: Suitable for applications requiring minimal thickening.
Medium Viscosity: Ideal for sauces, dressings, and moderate thickening needs.
High Viscosity: Perfect for creating strong gels and thick textures.

2. Gel Strengths:

Soft Gel: Great for spherification and delicate culinary applications.
Medium Gel: Versatile for both culinary and industrial uses.
Strong Gel: Optimal for robust gelling requirements in food and non-food applications.

3. Mesh Sizes:

Fine Mesh: Ensures smooth textures and is easy to dissolve.
Medium Mesh: Balances ease of use and texture.
Coarse Mesh: Suitable for applications needing slower hydration.

E401 Sodium Alginate - EU Specification



Chemical: name Sodium salt of alginic acid

Chemical formula: (C6H7NaO6)n

Molecular weight: 10 000-600 000 (typical average)

Assay: Yields, on the anhydrous basis, not less than 18 % and not more than 21 % of carbon dioxide corresponding to not less than 90,8 % and not more than 106,0 % of sodium alginate (calculated on equivalent weight basis of 222)


Nearly odourless, white to yellowish fibrous or granular powder


Test for sodium: Passes test

Test for alginic acid: Passes test


Loss on drying: Not more than 15 % (105 °C, 4 hours)

Water insoluble matter: Not more than 2 % on the anhydrous basis

Formaldehyde: Not more than 50 mg/kg

Arsenic: Not more than 3 mg/kg

Lead: Not more than 5 mg/kg

Mercury: Not more than 1 mg/kg

Cadmium: Not more than 1 mg/kg

Microbiological criteria

Total plate count: Not more than 5 000 colonies per gram

Yeast and moulds: Not more than 500 colonies per gram

Escherichia coli: Absent in 5 g

Salmonella spp.: Absent in 10 g

Sodium Alginate Food Grade Applications

  • Spherification: Create liquid-filled spheres that burst in the mouth for a unique dining experience.
  • Thickening Sauces: Enhance the texture and consistency of sauces and gravies.
  • Stabilizing Emulsions: Improve the stability and mouthfeel of dressings and emulsified sauces.
  • Modernist Cuisine: Explore innovative cooking techniques in molecular gastronomy.
  • Gelling Agent: Form firm gels for desserts, jellies, and more.
  • Ice Cream: Enhance texture and prevent ice crystallization.
  • Jellies and Gels: Create stable and consistent jellies, gums, and confectionery products.
  • Bakery Products: Improve dough consistency and extend shelf life.
  • Meat Processing: Act as a binder and stabilizer in processed meats.
  • Beverages: Stabilize pulp in fruit juices and improve mouthfeel.

Elevate your culinary and industrial creations with our premium sodium alginate food grade products.

Browse our range of viscosities, gel strengths, and mesh sizes to find the perfect fit for your needs. Order now and transform your recipes and products with the highest quality sodium alginate available!

We focus our main attention on various kinds of high-quality Hydrocolloids and Stabilizing systems.

This is to say, No matter who you are, for example, the manufacturer, supplier, exporter, importer, distributor, wholesaler, or retailer, we could help you find the perfect gums for your application.

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