Sugar-Free Pectin

1. What is Sugar-Free Pectin?

Unlike conventional pectin and low-sugar pectin, sugar-free pectin (also known as No sugar pectin) is a product that is not standardized by mixing it with sugar (usually sucrose) in the last stage of the production process.

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100% Natural Sugar-Free Pectin

CategoryThickeners, Stabilizers
E NumberE440
CAS No.9000-69-5
H.S. Code1302200000

20 Kg Bags

Payment TermT/T, L/C

100% Natural Sugar-Free Pectin | No Sugar Pectin

2. Commercial Pectin Preparation Process

The preparation process of commercial pectin can be simplified into four steps: Extraction, Purification, Drying, and Standardization.

The first three steps are extraction of pectin from natural raw materials, then further purification and drying to make powder pectin; The last step is to mix pectin with sugar or some other excipients to make a standardized product, which is convenient for end-use.


3. Specification of our Sugar-free Pectin

1AppearanceWhite to light brown powder
2Methoxyl Content, %≥ 6.7
3Tap-Density, g/ml≥ 0.75
4pH (1% water solution)2.7-3.4
5Loss on Drying, %< 12
6Galacturonic Acid, %≥ 84
7Viscosity (4%), mPa.s≤ 400
8Heavy Metals as Lead, mg/kg≤ 15
9Total Plate Count, cfu/g≤ 1000
10Yeast and Mould, cfu/g≤ 100
11ColiformsAbsent in 1g
12SalmonellaAbsent in 25g

4. Why do we add Sugar to Pectin? - Standardiation

4.1 What is the purpose of standardization?

Due to differences in processing raw materials, fruit maturity, and peel pre-treatment processes, the pectins produced industrially may vary greatly in performance. Therefore, commercial pectins are often standardized in the final step.

High esterification pectins, for example, are usually blended with sugar (usually sucrose) in order to make a certain grade of a standardized product.

The general industry standard today is to make a SAG 150 grade of high-esterification pectin.

4.2 What are the advantages of standardization?

The advantage of mixing with sugar and pectin is that it ensures uniform pectin quality and facilitates end-use.

There is also the added benefit of speeding up the dissolution of the pectin when it is actually used.

Some special pectins (called buffered pectin)  may have some food-grade buffered salts added, such as citric acid or tartaric acid salts, to control the pH and achieve the proper gelation properties.

After standardization, the pectin is ready to be bagged and stored in the warehouse.

5. Features and Advantages of Sugar-Free Pectin

Sugar-free pectin has the characteristics and advantages of conventional pectins, such as plant-based, natural, low-calorie, healthy, water-soluble dietary fiber, good thickening, stability, etc.

Additionally, it could be used in low-sugar or sugar-free recipes.

6. Sugar-Free Pectin Applications

  • Sugar-free pectin gummies
  • Low sugar jelly
  • Low-sugar pectin strawberry jam
  • Low-sugar pectin peach jam
  • Low-sugar pectin grape jelly
  • Low-sugar concord grape jelly

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colorful vegan jelly gummies candy-Hydrocolloids Supplier Manufacturer in China

Sugar-Free Gummies Recipe

An Overview of Sugar-free Gummies Recipe & Production Processes.
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