Pure Pectin

1. What is Pure Pectin?

Pure Pectin, non-standardized pectin, a natural polysaccharide extracted from fruits, stands apart in the health industry due to its ability to form gels, thickening, and stabilize food products without altering their natural properties.

Unlike standardized pectin, which is usually standardized with sugar, and sometimes calcium salts or organic acids, to optimize performance in a particular application, pure pectin preserves the natural variability and characteristics of the source fruit, making it especially suitable for applications valuing natural integrity and quality.

As one pure pectin supplier in China, we could provide high-quality pectin powder with a stable supply.

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100% Natural Pure Pectin

CategoryThickeners, Stabilizers
E NumberE440
CAS No.9000-69-5
H.S. Code1302200000

20 Kg Bags

Payment TermT/T, L/C

100% Natural Pure Pectin | Non-Standardized Pectin

2. Pure HM Pectin and Pure LM Pectin

Our offerings encompass both Pure High Methoxyl (HM) Pectin and Pure Low Methoxyl (LM) Pectin, each catering to different needs yet underpinning the same commitment to purity and natural goodness.

Tailored to Excellence

Pure HM Pectin: Perfectly suited for applications requiring high sugar content, our Pure HM Pectin ensures excellent gel strength and viscosity, offering superior texture and stability in a variety of high-sugar products.

Pure LM Pectin: Our Pure LM Pectin, designed for low or no sugar applications, uses calcium ions to form gels, providing an ideal solution for creating health-centered products without compromising on texture.

3. Pure Pectin Specifications

Our Pure Pectin products come with comprehensive specifications, ensuring you achieve the desired results with every use. Specifications include:

  • Source: Meticulously extracted from high-quality citrus fruits and apples.
  • Purity: 100% natural, without any artificial modifications or additives.
  • Appearance: A fine, powder texture that dissolves smoothly for easy application.
  • DE Values: Diverse options to cater to specific product needs.

4. Advantages of Pure Pectin

Opting for our Pure Pectin means leveraging several key advantages:

  • Natural Integrity: Ensuring that your products remain close to nature, enhancing their appeal to health-conscious consumers.
  • Versatility: Our Pure Pectin can be adapted to a wide range of applications, from pharmaceuticals to functional foods, providing flexibility in formulation design.
  • Health Benefits: With the innate capacity to foster digestive health and contribute to overall well-being, our Pure Pectin aligns with the growing demand for functional health products.

5. Pure Pectin Applications

Our Pure Pectin finds its primary applications in the realms of the pharmaceutical industry and functional foods, where its natural properties and health benefits are most valued:

    • Pharmaceutical Products: Leveraging Pure Pectin's gel-forming and stabilizing properties to create natural and effective medicinal and health supplements.
    • Functional Foods: Incorporating Pure Pectin to enhance texture, stability, and health benefits of foods designed to support well-being and health.

Choose Our Pure Pectin for Your Health-centric Products

By choosing our Pure Pectin, you align your products with the purity of nature and the commitment to health and wellness. Perfect for formulations in both the pharmaceutical sector and the functional food industry, our Pure Pectin stands as a testament to quality, versatility, and the power of natural ingredients.

Interested in adding the natural benefits of Pure Pectin to your products? Contact us today to discover how our Pure Pectin can transform your offerings, meeting the needs of health-conscious consumers and setting your products apart in the marketplace.

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