E424 Curdlan Gum

What is Curdlan Gum

Curdlan (PS140 polysaccharides), also known as curdlan gum, is a water-insoluble glucan produced by microorganisms and composed of β-1,3-glycosidic bonds.

It is a general term for a class of polysaccharides that form both hard and elastic thermally irreversible gels and thermally reversible gels when their suspensions are heated.

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E424 Curdlan Gum

CategoryThickeners, Stabilizers
Other NameCurdlan
H.S. Code3913900090
Content80% min
Executive StandardGB28304-2012
PackagingCartons, Bags, Drums
Payment TermT/T, L/C

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Specification Sheet

1AppearanceWhite or off-white powder
2Gel strength≥ 450, 550 or 750 g/cm2
3Curdlan content≥ 80 %
4Ph (1 % solution)6.0 - 7.5
5Loss on drying≤ 10.0 %
6Ash≤ 6 %
7Total Nitrogen≤ 1.5 % (EU-compliant ≤0.3% and US FDA-compliant ≤0.2% are under development)
8Total plate count≤ 10000 cfu/g
12E. Coli< 3.0


Specification Sheet is for guidance and reference only. Customer’s results may be different due to variations in testing conditions, equipment and methods.

Curdlan Production Method

Raw material → Fermentation → Dissolution → Precipitation → Separation → Drying → Packaging → Products

Curdlan Properties


Curdlan gum has many special properties and can form thermally irreversible gels with edible and various industrial applications.


It can absorb water and swell at room temperature, insoluble in water, ethanol and other solutions, and can be dissolved in alkaline solutions with PH value greater than 11. After high temperature, it can absorb more than 50 times of aqueous solution and form a gel.

Low-temperature gel: When the suspension of curdlan gum is heated to 55~65℃ and then cooled to below 40℃, it can form a thermally reversible gel with low gel strength, and then heated at high temperature to form a high-temperature gel.

High-temperature gel: When the curdlan gum suspension is heated above 80℃, it can form a hot irreversible gel with high gel strength, which has good thermal stability and is stable under various heating conditions, and the strength is also relatively stable after freezing and thawing cycles.

Curdlan Gel and 3 Main Strength Influencing Factors

Curdlan Gel and 3 Main Influencing Factors

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Curdlan Applications

As a food additive, curdlan gum can improve the water-holding, viscoelasticity, stability and thickening properties of the products, which can obviously improve the processing and storage performance of the food and give the food a good taste.

Due to its unique property of forming gel under heating conditions and thermal irreversibility, curdlan gum has a wide and irreplaceable application in the food industry.

1. Application as Food Quality Improver

1.1 Curdlan in meat products: such as sausages, ham sausages, meatballs, etc.

Effect: Improve water retention and firmness, reduce quality degradation under cold and hot conditions, improve food mantle, and make the gel of sausage more stable.

1.2 Curdlan in minced fish products: such as kanto-boiled, breaded fish steak, fish meatballs, crab meat sticks, etc.

Effect: It makes the food elastic, improves the feeling of eating, prevents from being cooked, and improves the rate of finished products.

1.3 Curdlan in rice and noodle products: such as rice noodles, instant noodles, wet noodles, hamburgers, bread, etc.

Effect: Increase elasticity and taste, improve water retention, enhance eating sensation, prevent cooking, sticky, cloudy soup, extend shelf life, etc.

1.4 Curdlan in others: such as sauces, caviar, fried chicken, etc.

Effect: Increase viscosity, prevent sedimentation, and improve quality. Improve the water retention of the cake when frozen, inhibit the oil absorption of fried food, instead of fat to achieve low-fat effect.

2. Application as the Main Structure

2.1 Curdlan in vegetarian food: such as plant-based meat, vegan seafood (vegan shrimp),  bionic abalone, bionic sea cucumber, etc.

Effect: Curdlan gum is the structural support for high-grade bionic products. The bionic products made by using curdlan gum as the main body are not only highly simulated in structure and taste, but also have no cholesterol, low calorie and high fiber.

2.2 Curdlan in fat substitution

Effect: Low-fat substitution of cooked foods and processed animal products.

2.3 Curdlan in others: such as frozen gelatinous foods, edible pasta, etc.

Effect: Heat resistance and freezing resistance, improvement of formability, heating of frozen gelatinous food, mixing in starch to get fresh taste

3. Other Industrial Applications

It has been widely used in the industries of petroleum extraction, biopharmaceuticals, cosmetics, building materials, etc.

The Significant Roles of Curdlan in Food Industry Gino Gums 2

The 2 Significant Roles of Curdlan in Food Industry

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