Agarose Powder

What is Agarose Powder?

Agarose powder is a crucial reagent in molecular biology research that plays a vital role in DNA and protein analysis. It is a polysaccharide derived from red algae that forms a gel-like matrix when dissolved in water. This gel-like property makes agarose an essential tool for electrophoresis, a technique used to separate and analyze DNA and proteins.

Gel Strength Packaging CAS No. HS Code Origin MOQ
1200+ g/cm2, 1500+ g/cm2
Drum, Carton, Bag, Bottle
1 kg

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Our Types of Agarose Powder

Packaging of Agarose Powder

In order to fully meet the various needs of our customers, various packaging styles and materials are all available on request.

E.g. 100, 500 g in the poly bottle or 10-25kg in a woven or kraft bag with a polyethylene inner bag.

Properties of Agarose Powder

Agarose is a biocompatible, inert, and highly purified substance that is ideal for molecular biology applications. Its unique physical properties make it easy to handle and manipulate in the laboratory. Agarose is available in various grades and concentrations, making it suitable for a range of applications, from routine DNA and protein analysis to more specialized techniques such as pulsed-field gel electrophoresis.

Agarose vs Agar

Here is a comparison table of agarose vs agar:





Seaweed extract

Seaweed extract

Gel strength


Low to medium

Electroendosmosis (EEO)

Negligible to low


Melting temperature

Higher than agar

Lower than agarose

Gel clarity


Low to medium

DNA binding


Low to medium


DNA/RNA electrophoresis

Food, Microbiology, Culture media

Agarose is a purified form of agar that has a higher gel strength, higher melting temperature, and better gel clarity than agar. It also has a lower electroendosmosis (EEO) value, which makes it more suitable for DNA/RNA electrophoresis. Agar, on the other hand, has a lower gel strength and melting temperature, and a higher EEO value, which makes it more suitable for microbiology applications such as culture media. It also has some DNA binding properties, but they are not as strong as agarose.


Uses of Agarose Powder

Agarose is widely used in molecular biology research for DNA and protein separation and analysis. It is commonly used in gel electrophoresis, a technique that separates nucleic acids and proteins based on their size, shape, and charge. The gel matrix created by agarose powder provides a stable support for the molecules during electrophoresis and allows them to be visualized and quantified using staining techniques.

Agarose is also used in a variety of other molecular biology applications, including:

  • Preparation of DNA and RNA samples for PCR and sequencing
  • Extraction and purification of DNA and RNA
  • Fractionation and purification of proteins
  • Western blotting and immunoblotting
  • Cell culture and bacterial transformation

Benefits of Agarose Powder

It has several advantages over other molecular biology reagents, making it an ideal choice for many applications. Some of the benefits of agarose powder include:

  • High purity and biocompatibility
  • Low background staining and low toxicity
  • Easy to prepare and handle
  • Versatile for a range of applications
  • Cost-effective compared to other reagents

Agarose is an essential tool for molecular biology research, providing a versatile and reliable matrix for DNA and protein analysis. Its unique physical properties and high purity make it an ideal choice for a range of applications, from routine gel electrophoresis to more specialized techniques. With its ease of use, low toxicity, and cost-effectiveness, agarose powder is a valuable reagent for any molecular biology laboratory.

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