Modified Citrus Pectin

Modified Citrus Pectin Powder( short for MCP ), also known as Low Molecular Weight Pectin ( short for LCP ) is a substance derived from the peel and pulp of citrus fruits, such as oranges and lemons. It is a modified form of citrus pectin that undergoes a process to reduce its molecular weight, making it more easily absorbable by the body.

Modified citrus pectin powder may have health benefits such as inhibiting certain cancer cell growth, supporting the immune system, and aiding in detoxification by binding to heavy metals in the body.

MCP Modified Citrus Pectin Powder

CategoryThickeners, Stabilizers
E NumberE440
CAS No.9000-69-5
H.S. Code1302200000

1 KG


25 Kg Drum

Payment TermT/T, L/C

Table of Content | Best Modified Citrus Pectin Powder

2. How to Make Modified Citrus Pectin - Flowchart

To achieve large-scale production of Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) in a factory setting, follow these steps:

Flowchart of MCP Modified Citrus Pectin

3. What We Offer

Regular MCP

Purity above 90%, general taste, general transparency

Purity above 95%, good taste (can be eaten directly), good transparency

Since the taste of regular MCP is not particularly good, it does not taste good if consumed directly, so it is recommended to take it in a capsule. While high purity MCP can be made into oral liquid for direct consumption.

4. Packaging, Delivery, Storage, Shelf Life

Packaging: 25kg fiber drums/10kg paper box with 2 layers of PE bags or according to the client’s request

Delivery Time: Within 2 weeks after receiving the prepayment


  • Keep the container tightly closed, avoid moist
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Room temperature

Shelf Life: Three years

5. Modified Citrus Pectin Specification

1AppearanceLight yellow to brown powder
2FormLoose granular, uniform particle size
3OdourNo strange smell
4Loss on Drying, w/%≤ 10.0
5Galacturonic Acid, w/%≥ 65
6Degree of Esterification, w/%≤ 20.0
7Av. Molecular Weight, Da3000-13000
9Transmittance, w/%/
10Acid-Insoluble Ash, w/%≤ 1.0
11SO2, mg/kg≤ 50
12Free methyl, ethyl and
isopropyl alcohol, w/%
≤ 1.0
13Lead, mg/kg≤ 5.0
14Total Plate Count, CFU/g≤ 1000
15Yeast and Moulds, CFU/g≤ 100
16Escherichia coliAbsent in 10 g
17Salmonella spp.Absent in 25 g

6. Modified Citrus Pectin Benefits

MCP Modified Citrus Pectin has gained attention for its potential health benefits, particularly in areas related to cellular health, immune support, and metal detoxification.

Studies suggest that MCP may inhibit the adhesion of cancer cells, reducing their ability to spread and metastasize. It is also believed to enhance the immune system's response to foreign invaders and support overall immune function.

7. Modified Citrus Pectin Advantages

Compared with regular citrus pectin, modified citrus pectin has many advantages. As shown in the picture below.


Modified Citrus Pectin

Regular Citrus Pectin

Molecular Weight

3000-13000 Da

50000-300000 Da

Esterification Degree

≤ 20.0%


Application Point

Absorb into bloodstream

Act in the gastrointestinal tract


In healthy food, supplements, cosmetics

In food

8. Modified Citrus Pectin Applications

Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) finds application in various areas:

  1. Cellular Health: It may support cellular function and inhibit the adhesion of certain cancer cells, potentially aiding in cancer prevention and treatment.

  2. Immune Support: MCP is believed to enhance the immune system's response to infections and foreign invaders, promoting overall immune health.

  3. Metal Detoxification: Its chelating properties allow MCP to bind to heavy metals and toxins, assisting in their elimination from the body.

  4. Nutraceuticals and Supplements: MCP is used as an ingredient in various nutraceutical and supplement products, providing health benefits in a convenient form.

  5. Functional Foods: It is incorporated into functional food products to enhance their nutritional value and potential health benefits.

  6. Pharmaceuticals: MCP may find applications in the pharmaceutical industry for its potential therapeutic effects and as an excipient in drug formulations.

  7. Food and Beverage Industry: MCP is utilized as a stabilizer, thickener, or gelling agent in food and beverage manufacturing.

  8. Cosmetics and Personal Care: It may be used in skincare and personal care products for its potential skin health benefits.

These applications demonstrate the versatility and potential of Modified Citrus Pectin as a valuable ingredient in various industries and products.

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