Sunflower Pectin

What is Sunflower Pectin?

Sunflower pectin, also called pectin from sunflower heads, or sunflower head pectin, is a natural low-methoxyl (LM) pectin, a group of polygalacturonic acids extracted from sunflower heads, with a total galacturonic acid content of around 80%.

It also contains small amounts of D-xylose, L-arabinose, D-galactose, and L-rhamnose. The molecular weight of sunflower pectin ranges between 100,000 and 200,000.

It appears as a light brown fine powder, odorless, with a sticky texture.

In water above 35°C, it forms a viscous gel-like solution and exhibits weak acidity.

100% Natural LM Sunflower Pectin

CategoryThickeners, Stabilizers
E NumberE440
CAS No.9000-69-5
H.S. Code1302200000

20 Kg Bags

Payment TermT/T, L/C

Types of Sunflower Pectin We Offer

Sunflower pectin is a natural low-methoxyl (LM) pectin extracted from sunflower heads. Unlike high-methoxyl (HM) pectin, LM pectin requires the presence of calcium ions for gelation, making it ideal for various applications.

We offer two types of sunflower pectin: gelling and stabilizing.

Both types provide unique benefits and are perfect for different food and beverage applications.

Gelling Type

Our gelling sunflower pectin is specifically formulated for low-sugar foods.

This type of pectin forms a gel, making it suitable for creating jellies and gels.

Products made with low-methoxyl pectin, such as jellies, are not only beneficial for digestive health but also help increase appetite and alleviate lead poisoning, making them an excellent health food for children.

Stabilizing Type

Our stabilizing sunflower pectin is designed to address issues like layering and pulp adhesion in beverages with suspended fruit particles, such as orange pulp drinks.

This type of pectin ensures even distribution of fruit particles in the beverage, providing a consistent texture and improved mouthfeel.

Process Flow of Sunflower Pectin

Raw Material → Washing → Acid Extraction → Filtration and Classification → Salting Out → Filtration → Desalination → Alcohol Washing → Drying → Crushing → Packaging → Finished Product




Light brown powder



Odorless, no strange smell


Galacturonic Acid, %

≥ 65


Loss on Drying, %

< 12





SO2, mg/kg

≤ 50


Acid-Insoluble Ash, w/%

≤ 1.0


Lead, mg/kg

≤ 5.0


Total Plate Count, CFU/g

≤ 1000


Yeast And Mould, CFU/g

≤ 100



Absent in 10g



Absent in 25g

Sunflower Pectin Uses in Food Industry

Due to its excellent gel-forming properties, structure, appearance, flavor, and stability at low pH, sunflower pectin is widely used as a thickener, gelling agent, and stabilizer in the food industry.

In Jam Production

Sunflower pectin's unique gelling properties make jams easy to spread without flowing, ensuring stability during transport and storage without cracking or dehydration. During processing, it can solidify within the required time.

In Juice Processing

By mechanically disrupting the gel structure of sunflower pectin, a persistent oily suspension with fruit particles and soluble solids can be produced, which remains free-flowing.

In Cold Desserts

Sunflower pectin can be dissolved in syrups containing sugar, sweeteners, and flavors like chocolate or fruit juice.

Adding cold milk, which provides the necessary calcium ions, results in a cold-set milk dessert.

Food Name

Dosage (%)

Food Name

Dosage (%)

Low-Solid Jam


Lemon Concentrate Drink


Soft Candy Jelly


Fruit Juice


Bread Jelly


Fruit Drinks


Gelled Yogurt


Instant Pudding Mix


Canned Fruit


Instant Chocolate Syrup Base


It is primarily used in foods but also finds applications in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Sunflower Pectin Uses in Food Industry

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