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Headquartered in Zhengzhou, China, Gino Biotech was founded in 2010, until now we have been in the food hydrocolloids industry for over 10 years.

Our major business is to offer innovative and functional hydrocolloids for food production.

Since 2012, our products have also been widely used in Biotechnology, Feed, Pharmaceutical, Agricultural, Personal Care & Allied industries.

In 2018, our branch Gino Gums & Stabilizers founded and we tried to focus our main attention on various kinds of functional food stabilizers (blends & systems), such as stabilizers for jelly, gummy candy, dairy, beverage, etc. This promotes Gino as an innovative & specialty solution provider.

Today Gino is one of the leading hydrocolloid suppliers and food stabilizers (blends & systems) manufacturers for all sectors of the food and non-food industry.

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Achievements and Success

1. Hydrocolloid Groups

We started with seaweed-based hydrocolloids (Agar-Agar & Carrageenan) and today our portfolio is widened to not only seaweed-based hydrocolloids (Agar-Agar, Carrageenan, Alginates) but also plant-based (Pectin, Konjac), microbial (Xanthan, Gellan gum) and synthetic hydrocolloids.

2. Customized Solutions

At first with simply a couple of standard functional food stabilizers blends & systems, through the years our product range was extended to more than 50 customized products for specific applications.

3. Never Compromise On Quality

All of our products (not only the single hydrocolloids, but also the customized blends & systems) are produced in GMP & HACCP certified plants and are all Halal and Kosher certified, so they can fully meet the religious requirements. Most of our cooperative factories & manufacturers have gained the ISO 9001, ISO 22000, BRC, and/or FSSC 22000 certification.

4. Satisfied Customers

Satisfied customers are the particular reason why Gino is usually able to look back on more than 10 years. Reliability, safety and transparency for our customers are usually our most essential tasks. Along with you, we create products truly fantastic.

At Gino, our solution-oriented and skilled team will, as always, offer the finest products and innovative solutions to our customers, by offering our problem-free & problem-solving services.

Our Mission

Our special mission is to constantly exceed, with our products, all the expectations of our customers. To provide them with security in the consumption of our products as a reflection of our human quality and of service where the bases of sustainable social development and fair economic development.

Our special mission is to constantly exceed, with our products, all the expectations of our customers.
At Gino Biotech and Gino Gums & Stabilizers, we respect and admire human values

Our Vision

At Gino Biotech and Gino Gums & Stabilizers, we respect and admire human values, where the benefit of our customers lies in the quality and satisfaction of all the products we sell, under the concepts of food safety.


Gino Biotech was founded in Zhengzhou, China.  We started with food grade seaweed-based hydrocolloids (Agar-Agar & Carrageenan).


Our portfolio is widened to seaweed-based, plant-based, microbial and synthetic hydrocolloids.     Halal, Kosher Certified.


This year, our products enjoy good reputations among customers in Biotechnology, Feed, Pharmaceutical, Agricultural, Personal Care & Allied industries.


Gino Gums Stabilizers was established and promoted Gino as an innovative & specialty solution provider.


We will constantly provide exceptional products with our technical knowledge, experience, market trend up-date, after-sales service, quick problem solving and skillfully trained team.


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