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Traditional gummies are made from a mixture of sugar, glucose syrup, starch, flavorings, food coloring, citric acid and gelatin. However, recipes for gummies vary widely, such as vegan candy or organic candy for vegetarians or others following religious dietary laws.

As time goes by, more and more hydrocolloids gums and compounding stabilizers are used in the production of gummies. Examples are agar-agar, carrageenan, pectin, gellan gum, and various compounded gummies stabilizers.

They play an increasingly important role as indispensable gummies ingredients in the production of modern candies.

Compared to gelatin, these gummies ingredients are more suitable for the production of vegetarian gummies.

Vegan Gummies Stabilizers | Gummies Ingredients

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Our 4 Vegan Gummies Stabilizers Products

We have developed multiple series of blended food stabilizers for use in vegan gummies. Gino is your premier vegan gummies ingredients supplier who works directly with you to provide customized solutions.

Our vegan gummies stabilizers can be broadly divided into the following 4 types

1. General gummies stabilizers powder

Suitable for both machine operation and handmade, contributes to an elastic mouth-feel and high transparency

2. Acid stable gummies stabilizers powder

Contribute to a pulpy mouth-feel, with good acid stability and high water retention

3. Neutral vegetable gummies stabilizers powder

4. Crystal gummies stabilizers powder

Contributes to a unique juicy mouth-feel and high water retention, which is deformation resistant under high temperature

6 Major Product Families/Series

Suitable for making tangerine segments gummy candy, strawberry gummy candy, mango fleshy gummy candy


  • Hard Q texture, suitable for fleshy fruit flavors, good chewiness and good bite off.
  • Good flavor release
  • Good acid resistance, acid resistance 0.6-1.2%.
  • Good flowability, suitable for pouring and molding, can be produced by starch mold
  • Can be suitable for canned products.
  • Suggested addition amount 1.8-2.0%.
  • Dissolving method: mix with sugar and stir with cold water

Suitable for making blackcurrant flavored soft candy, corn soft candy, cola-flavored soft candy


  • Hard or soft Q feeling in taste, similar to gelatin fondant taste.
  • Good bite off property.
  • Can be produced by starch mold.
  • Acid resistant 0.6-1.2%.
  • Recommended addition amount: 1.8%-2.0%.
  • Dissolution method: It is recommended to mix sugar and then stir with cold water at high speed.

Suitable for making orange fruit cake, dual-color fruit cake, passion fruit cake, etc.


  • The taste is soft Q feeling, smooth bite surface
  • Recommended addition of 2.0-2.5%.
  • Medium acidity jam is added together with colloid when boiling, the jam is safer after boiling.
  • Good fluidity of the product, suitable for moulding, pouring and plate reversing.
  • Suitable for making dual-color fruit cakes with good double-layer adhesion effect.
  • No added preservatives, flavors, colors. Natural color and flavor.
  • Can add additional acid 0.6-1.2%.
  • Dissolving method: mix sugar and stir with cold water

Suitable for all kinds of high transparency mixed flavor soft candy


  • Suggested addition amount 1.8-2.0%
  • Agar taste.
  • Fast gelation speed relative to ordinary agar.
  • Acid resistance 0.6-1.2%.
  • Dissolution method: add cold water and stir.
  • Good transparency.

Suitable for all kinds of filled flavor soft candy


  • The filling position is right in the middle and the percentage of filling is about 18%.
  • The outer layer is Q feeling, chewing resistance, strong jam feeling, good flavor release.
  • Good fluidity, semi-fluid filling.
  • Acid resistance of 0.6-1.5%, possibility of adding juice or functional ingredients.
  • Non-sticky, can be bagged or canned.
  • Suggested addition amount 1.8% for crust and 1.0% for sandwich

Suitable for chocolate coated gummies or other mix and match gummies


  • Suggested addition 1.8%.
  • Good flowability, can add soft candy granules.
  • Soft and sticky mouthfeel, with a jam-like texture, good bite and no sticky teeth
  • Good flavor release
  • Acid resistance 0.6-1.5%.
  • Not sticky, not watery
  • Good combination with chocolate, can be coated with chocolate, will not cause chocolate mold
  • Dissolving method: mix with sugar and stir with cold water.
  • Suitable for pouring, molding.

Other Food Stabilizers Products

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Products Qualification

All of our products are produced in GMP & HACCP certified plants and are all Halal and Kosher certified, so they can fully meet the religious requirements.

Most of our cooperative factories have gained the ISO 9001, ISO 22000, BRC or FSSC 22000 certification.

We keep improving our quality management and credibility management systems and ensure our compliance with relevant international and domestic quality standards and credibility standards as well as the food safety requirements of the UNFAO, EU and the USA.

ISO HALAL KOSHER BRC certifications (1)

We focus our main attention on various kinds of high-quality Hydrocolloids and Stabilizing systems.

No matter who you are, we could help you find the perfect gums for your application, let us be your plant-based gummies ingredients supplier from China.

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