Iota Refined Carrageenan

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What is Iota Carrageenan

Iota Carrageenan is a hydrocolloid extracted from red seaweeds that is widely used in the food industry and in certain scientific and industrial applications.  

Gino is one Iota carrageenan supplier, exporter in China, our products are all certified by Halal, Kosher and are producerd by GMP & HACCP manufacturers. With our variety of Gelling / Stabilizing systems, we can create tailor-made solutions perfectly matched to the needs of our customers. 

Contact us to ask about a single hydrocolloid gum or food stabilizers (blends & systems) that would work for your products. Should you have any questions please feel free to send an email to [email protected].

Iota Refined Carrageenan

CategoryThickeners, Stabilizers
E NumberE407 E407a
CAS No.9000-07-1
H.S. Code1302391100
PackagingCartons, Bags
Payment TermT/T, L/C

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What is Carrageenan Made of?

Where is carrageenan obtained from?

The main species of Rhodophyceae used in the commercial production of carrageenan include Eucheuma cottonii and E. spinosum, now reclassified as Kappaphycus alverezii (`Cottonii') and Eucheuma denticulatum (`Spinosum').

Eucheuma cottony and E. spinosum are now heavily used by carrageenan producers and are harvested in large quantities in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Our Carrageenan Range

We are a carrageenan supplier with many years of sales experience and we can provide not only carrageenan products but also application solutions.

Our Carrageenan Packaging

Flexible Packaging Solutions | Custom Packaging

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      PP Woven Bag             Kraft Paper Bag                 Carton Box                  Fiber Drum                  Square Tin Box     

Carrageenan Specification

Sensory Characteristics:
It is a fine granulometry powder with a slightly off white color and neutral odor and taste.
Chemical And Physical Characteristics:
Viscosity(1.5% 75℃) ≥ 5 mPa.s
Gel Strength(1.5%+0.2% KCL 20℃) ---
Moisture(105℃)  ≤12%
Total Ash (550℃) 15-40%
pH (1%) 8-11
Sulphates 15-40%
Acid Insoluble Ash ≤ 1%
Acid Insoluble Matter ≤2%
Lead (Pb) ≤5 ppm
Arsenic (As) ≤3 ppm
Mercury (Hg) ≤1 ppm
Cadmium (Cd) ≤2 ppm
Microbiological Characteristics:
Total Plate Count Max 5,000 CFU/g
Yeast and Moulds Max 300 CFU/g
E.Coli Absent in 5g
Salmonella Absent in 10g

Iota Carrageenan Applications

Iota Carrageenan has excellent properties such as gelling, thickening, emulsification, water retention, film formation and stable dispersion, it can be widely used in Dairy products, Meat Products, Candy, Jelly, Pudding, Dietary supplement, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Health products and other fields.

Click the below link to know more information about Iota carrageenan applications.

Iota Carrageenan: The 8 Main Applications in Foods


Working with us | Choosing the Right Iota Carrageenan Supplier

You will enjoy:
A variety of packaging styles, Flexible loading methods, Small order quantity, Prompt delivery time ...​

Loading Quantity
Packaging Container Quantity Net Weight
PP Woven Bag 1*20' FCL 640-720 Bags 16-18 MT
Kraft Paper Bag 640-720 Bags 16-18 MT
Carton Box 540 Boxes With Pallets 13.5 MT
600 Boxes Without Pallets 15 MT
Drum 320 Drums With Pallets 8 MT
400 Drums Without Pallets 10 MT
Square Tin 1,000 Tins With Pallets 10 MT
1,200 Tins Without Pallets 12 MT
Delivery Time
Bags or Carton  Packaging Within 2-3 weeks after the prepayment
Drum or Tin Packaging Within 4-6 weeks after the prepayment


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We focus our main attention on various kinds of high-quality Hydrocolloids and Stabilizing systems.

Based on our years of research on plant-based hydrocolloids (carrageenan, agar, konjac gum, etc.) and their compound products, we are not only able to provide a wide range of products, but also have the ability to provide product application solutions.
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