Today’s tendency in the utilization of food products with reduced or low-fat content and food containing functional ingredients is more critical than before.
Traditional meat products have approximately 20–30% fat content which increases the risk of obesity and some types of cancer, and saturated fat is closely related to high blood cholesterol and coronary heart diseases.

To offset the detrimental effects of fat reduction, salt reduction, and freezing and thawing, several investigations have been done to understand the effects of using non-meat ingredients such as hydrocolloids on emulsion stability, texture, appearance and sensory properties of low-fat meat products.

Hydrocolloids are proteins or polysaccharides in some cases with functional properties such as thickening, gelling, stabilizing, film-forming, dispersing and texture modifying that are successfully used in food products.

Hydrocolloids have always been used in meat and poultry products, by providing the functional properties to help manufacturers produce the desired quality and safe product,  which is cost-effective and with desirable effects, such as fat reduction, salt reduction and freeze/thaw process. 

Meat alternative-Hydrocolloids Supplier Manufacturer in China

Meat is a complex system of muscle tissue, connective tissue, fat, and water; during processing, numerous interactions occur among all these components. These interactions are responsible for the functional properties of the meat system.

In meat products, hydrocolloid stabilizers contribute to gel formation and water retention. Their addition is of special interest in low-fat meat products because fat reduction often leads to unacceptable, tough textures.

When hydrocolloids & stabilizers are incorporated in these formulations, they improve the textural characteristics of the product by decreasing toughness and increasing juiciness.

Our carrageenan, agar-agar, ​gellan gum products are ideal for a broad range of meat products:

Cooked ham, Imitation meat, Sausages, Canned meat, Hamburger, Pureed Meat, Poultry, Processed Meat, Luncheon meat and other block products, Hamburgers, cutlets and other minced products, Kanikama, sliced turkey, prepared chicken, and deli meats

  • Gino Injection series
  • Gino Tumbling series
  • Gino Chopping series
  • Gino Thermal Irreversible series
  1. Improves the quality of the finished product by enhancing its texture, slice ability, and mouthfeel
  2. Increases the ability to retain water during and after processing
  3. Increases the production yield through the incorporation of large volumes of brine solution into the meat
  4. Stabilizes the fat-protein emulsion in meat, thereby preventing separation and consequently greatly improving the cohesion of the meat particles and appearance of the final meat product
  5. Readily dispersible on brine systems with little or no viscosity development until cooking begins
  6. Provides stability to freeze-thaw cycling

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