Sodium Alginate Cosmetic Grade

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Sodium Alginate Cosmetic Grade

Sodium alginate cosmetic grade is extensively used in the formulation of facial masks, shampoos, body washes, and other personal care products.

It enhances product viscosity, stability, and moisturizing properties, providing benefits such as whitening, anti-aging, and skin repair. Its natural origin and safety make it a preferred choice in the cosmetics industry.

Sodium Alginate Cosmetic Grade

Category E Number CAS No. HS Code Origin MOQ
Thickeners, Stabilizers
100 kg

Our Product Range

Understanding the diversity of cosmetic products, we offer Sodium Alginate Cosmetic Grade in two primary forms:

  • Thickening Type: Elevate the consistency and feel of your product, providing a luxurious user experience.
  • Gel Forming Type: Create perfectly textured gels that glide smoothly on the skin, ensuring optimal absorption and effectiveness.

Our Packaging

Talking about the packaging of our sodium alginate, we could provide you with a variety of packaging options to meet the different needs of you or your customers. 

      PP Woven Bag             Kraft Paper Bag                 Carton Box                 Fiber Drum                Square Tin Box     

Our Sodium Alginate Cosmetic Grade finds its place in:

  • Moisturizers and Hydrating Products:Improves the moisture retention and stability of skincare formulations.
  • Facial Masks:Enhances the texture and efficacy of face masks, providing skin-whitening and anti-aging benefits.
  • Shampoos and Body Washes:Adds viscosity and enhances the overall feel and performance of haircare and body care products.
  • Skin Repair:Acts as a skin repair agent, promoting cell regeneration and skin healing.

Absolutely. Recognized as a non-toxic substance by prominent organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Sodium Alginate is safe for use in cosmetic products when used appropriately.

It's this safety profile, coupled with its efficacy, that makes it a preferred choice among consumers and professionals alike. Its natural origin and biocompatibility ensure it is safe and effective for skincare and haircare products.

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