Sodium Alginate Textile Grade

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Sodium Alginate Textile Grade

Discover the exceptional qualities of sodium alginate textile grade, a natural polysaccharide derived from brown seaweed. Renowned for its superior properties as a sizing agent and printing paste, sodium alginate is an indispensable ingredient in the textile industry. It outperforms traditional starch-based products, providing brighter patterns, clearer lines, and higher color yield in textile printing.

Sodium Alginate Textile Grade

Category E Number CAS No. HS Code Origin MOQ
Thickeners, Stabilizers
100 kg

Sodium Alginate Textile Grade Table of Contents

Our Product Range

We offer a variety of sodium alginate textile grade products to meet diverse needs:

Viscosity Levels: Available in high, medium, and low viscosities to suit different applications.

Mesh Sizes: Available in both powder and granular forms, with various mesh sizes.

Color Options: While the standard product is brown, we also offer lighter-colored options for applications where color is critical.

No matter your requirements, we are committed to providing the ideal sodium alginate solution for your needs.

The mesh size, viscosity, and gel strength of our sodium alginate could be customized. 

Our Packaging

Talking about the packaging of our sodium alginate, we could provide you with a variety of packaging options to meet the different needs of you or your customers. 

      PP Woven Bag             Kraft Paper Bag                 Carton Box                 Fiber Drum                Square Tin Box     

Key Differences from Food Grade Sodium Alginate

Purity and Composition: Sodium alginate textile grade is formulated specifically for industrial use, focusing on optimal performance in textile applications, whereas food grade is refined for safety and purity suitable for food use.

Viscosity and Gel Strength: Textile grade sodium alginate typically has different viscosity and gel strength characteristics tailored for sizing and printing needs, unlike the food grade, which is adjusted for applications in food processing.

Manufacturing Process: Food grade sodium alginate is often produced using a liquid-phase method, resulting in a whiter color, while textile grade is typically produced using a solid-phase method, resulting in a darker, brown color.

Additives and Processing: Textile grade may contain additives or be processed in ways that enhance its performance in textile manufacturing, which would not be appropriate for food grade products.

Reactive Dye Printing Paste: Sodium alginate is used as a thickener for reactive dye printing paste, offering superior performance over traditional starch-based thickeners. It ensures bright, vivid patterns with clear lines, high color yield, uniform dye distribution, excellent penetration, and plasticity.

Sizing Agent: In textile departments, sodium alginate is mixed with or replaces starch for warp sizing. This not only conserves large quantities of grain but also enhances the performance of the warp fibers by reducing fuzzing, improving abrasion resistance, lowering breakage rates, and ultimately increasing weaving efficiency. It is effective for both cotton and synthetic fibers.

Enhance your textile production with our premium sodium alginate textile grade products.

Experience the superior performance in sizing and printing, leading to brighter patterns, clearer lines, and higher efficiency. Order now and revolutionize your textile processes with the highest quality sodium alginate available!

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