Sodium Alginate Pharmaceutical Grade

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Sodium Alginate Pharmaceutical Grade

Sodium alginate pharmaceutical grade is a vital excipient widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. Known for its superior gelling, thickening, and stabilizing properties, it plays a crucial role in the formulation of oral tablets, capsules, and topical medications. Additionally, it is a key component in biotechnological pharmaceutical applications as a culture medium ingredient.

Sodium Alginate Pharmaceutical Grade

Category E Number CAS No. HS Code Origin MOQ
Thickeners, Stabilizers
100 kg

Our Product Range

We offer sodium alginate pharmaceutical grade with customizable options in:

  • Viscosity:Tailored to meet specific formulation requirements.
  • Strength:Adjustable to suit various pharmaceutical processes.
  • Mesh Size:Available in different mesh sizes for precise applications.
  • Color:Customizable according to your preferences.

Our Packaging

Talking about the packaging of our sodium alginate, we could provide you with a variety of packaging options to meet the different needs of you or your customers. 

      PP Woven Bag             Kraft Paper Bag                 Carton Box                 Fiber Drum                Square Tin Box     

Sodium Alginate Pharmaceutical Grade excels in numerous healthcare sectors:

Pharmaceutical Industry:

  • Gelling Agent:Essential for binding pharmaceutical ingredients together, enhancing the stability and bioavailability of drugs.
  • Thickening and Viscosity Agent:Increases the viscosity of liquid medications, ensuring consistency and efficacy.
  • Sustained Release Formulations:Used in the preparation of controlled-release medications, prolonging the drug's effect.
  • Tablet Binder:A crucial component in tablet formulations for penicillin and sulfonamide drugs.

Medical Field:

  • Drug Delivery Systems:Utilized as a drug carrier and hemostatic material due to its excellent biocompatibility and bioactivity.
  • Tissue Engineering:Used in the creation of bioadhesives and scaffolding materials for tissue regeneration.
  • Hemostatic Applications:Forms gels with drugs for hemostasis in surgical and trauma situations.


  • Microencapsulation:Serves as an indispensable material for cell encapsulation in microcapsules.

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