E401 Food Grade Sodium Alginate Powder

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E401 Food Grade Sodium Alginate Powder

Sodium alginate, also known as algin sodium alginate, na alginate, is a natural polysaccharide carbohydrate extracted from brown algae. It is widely used in food, medicine, textile, printing and dyeing, papermaking, daily chemical and other products as a thickening agent, emulsifier, stabilizer, binder, sizing agent, and so on.

Since the 1980s, sodium alginate has been newly expanded in food applications. Food grade sodium alginate powder is not only a safe food additive but also can be used as a base material for bionic food or therapeutic food.

Food Grade Sodium Alginate Powder

Category E Number CAS No. HS Code Origin MOQ
Thickeners, Stabilizers
100 kg

Food Grade Sodium Alginate Powder Table of Contents


Our Product Range

As a professional supplier of food grade sodium alginate powder in China, we could provide you with various viscosities and gel strengths, most of all, ensure a very stable supply!

The mesh size, viscosity, and gel strength of our sodium alginate could be customized. 

Our Packaging

Talking about the packaging of our food-grade sodium alginate, we could provide you with a variety of packaging options to meet the different needs of you or your customers. All packaging materials are food-grade and safe.

      PP Woven Bag             Kraft Paper Bag                 Carton Box                 Fiber Drum                Square Tin Box     

Food Grade Sodium Alginate Applications

Sodium Alginate in Dairy Products

In ice cream, sodium alginate is used to replace starch and gelatin as ice cream stabilizer, which can control the formation of ice crystals and improve the taste of ice cream. It can also stabilize sugar water sorbet, iced fruit dew, frozen milk and other mixed drinks.
In many dairy products, such as refined cheese, whipped cream, dry cheese, the stabilizing effect of sodium alginate can prevent the adhesion of food and packaging, can be used as the upper dairy jewelry cover, can make it stable and prevent the frosting pastry cracking.

Sodium Alginate in Sauces

Sodium alginate is used as a thickening agent in salad (a cold dish) sauces, puddings (a sweet snack), jams, tomato sauces and canned products to improve the stability of the product and reduce liquid leakage.

Sodium Alginate in Bakery

Adding sodium alginate in the production of hanged noodles, vermicelli and rice flour can improve the adhesion of the products' tissues, make them have strong tensile strength, large bending and reduce the breakage rate, especially for the low gluten content of flour, the effect is more obvious.

Adding sodium alginate to bread, pastry and other products can improve the uniformity and water-holding effect of the internal organization of the products and prolong the storage time.

Adding sodium alginate in frozen dessert products can provide a protective layer of thermal fusion, improve flavor escape and increase the performance of melting point.

Sodium Alginate in Gelled Food

Sodium alginate can be made into various gel foods (meat products, jelly, etc.), maintaining good gel structure without weeping or shrinking, suitable for frozen foods and artificial imitation foods.
It can also be used to cover fruits, meat, poultry and aquatic products as a protective layer, not in direct contact with air and prolonging storage time.

Sodium Alginate in other Foods

It can also be used as self-coagulation forming agent for icing of bread, stuffing fillings, covering layer of confectionery, canned food, etc.
It can maintain the original shape in high temperature, freezing and acidic medium.
It can also replace agar to make elastic, non-sticky and transparent crystal gummy.

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