Natural Citrus Fiber Applications Characteristics in Various Fields

Natural Citrus Fiber Applications Characteristics in Various Fields

Natural Citrus Fiber Applications Characteristics in Various Fields

In recent years, plant-derived dietary fiber, especially citrus fiber, is gaining increasing attention from food developers. This is because several studies have shown that plant fibers, especially citrus fibers, have considerable beneficial effects on human health. Therefore, as a superior functional fiber, the use of citrus fiber is growing rapidly worldwide, and citrus fiber applications are being further developed.

What is Citrus Fiber?

Citrus fiber is an all-natural, functional food ingredient derived from citrus fruits. It is Gluten Free and allergen free and is widely used in food and nutraceuticals because it is rich in dietary fiber and has good water retention, thickening and emulsification properties. Citrus fiber is able to provide colloidal properties while being an excellent Clean-Label ingredient.

Basic Properties of Citrus Fiber

Natural Citrus Fiber Applications (2)
Water Retention Properties
Can absorb 50 times its own weight of water
Gelling Properties
After homogenization, a three-dimensional network structure of gel is formed to provide gel suspension.
Thickening Properties
After homogenization, viscosity increases from 20cp to nearly 1000cp.

Citrus Fiber Applications in Various Fields

1. Citrus fiber application in instant drinks

Citrus Fiber Applications in Beverages

(1) Natural taste enhancer

(2) Plant fiber labeling

(3) No gritty and bitter taste

(4) Instant dissolution at room temperature - the coarser the particles, the better the effect

2. Citrus fiber application in ready-to-drink UHT beverages

(1) Easy rehydration

(2) Natural taste enhancer

(3) As a pulp component

(4) Easy to suspend

(5) Easy to stabilize

(6) Thermal stability

3. Applications of citrus fiber in yogurt drinks

(1) Refreshing and smooth taste.

(2) Better water control and sedimentation ability, as well as good suspension.

(3) Meet different product tastes, processes and stability needs.

4. Applications of citrus fiber in fried chicken nuggets

Applications of citrus fiber in fried chicken nuggets

(1) The problem of chicken nuggets being woody and dry is significantly improved.

(2) The product cut surface is juicy and shiny.

(3) Citrus fiber's own viscosity, improve the rate of coating to a certain extent, to reduce costs 

5. Citrus fiber applications in gluten-free bakery

Citrus fiber applications in gluten-free bakery

(1) It has better shape and higher product stiffness

(2) It can significantly improve the taste and flavor of the product and reduce the gumminess of the product

(3) It can improve product moistness and output rate

100% Natural Citrus Fiber Powder

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Natural Citrus Fiber Applications
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