Citrus Fiber Powder Makes Your Life Healthier

Citrus Fiber Powder Makes Your Life Healthier


Dietary fiber is known as the "seventh nutrient" after the "six nutrients", and is ranked with protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water as essential nutrients for the human body.

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1. Dietary Fiber

According to the survey conducted by the International Food Information Council (IFIC) in 2021, consumers have the highest perception of dietary fiber, with 56% of respondents actively using it. Dietary fiber has many unique benefits, including improving the texture and stability of foods, reducing the use of sugar, and adding digestive, cardiovascular and immune-boosting benefits to products.

In 2022, dietary fiber will become an important ingredient in functional foods and breakthroughs will continue to be made in various innovative forms.

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2. Citrus Fiber Powder

Citrus fiber powder is a plant-derived dietary fiber, and because of its soluble fiber content, which gives it high water-binding and emulsifying abilities, citrus fiber is able to replace a variety of colloids and meet the needs of manufacturers for simplified ingredient lists and clean labels, and has led to increasing interest from food developers and consumers.

Gino Gums' citrus fibers are made from citrus peel, which is a natural and healthy food material, resistant to acid, heat and shear, and can form a three-dimensional network structure after shearing and homogenization.

3. Application and Advantages of Citrus Fiber Powder

3.1 Citrus fiber in sauces

▶ No syneresis.

▶ High storage stability.

▶ Fat reduction, calorie reduction and cost reduction.

▶ Emulsion stabilization.

▶ Smooth, creamy texture.

Citrus Fiber powder in Sauces

3.2 Citrus fiber in juice beverage

▶ Thickening and stabilizing, providing a smooth texture.

▶ Improves taste and reduces sugar content.

▶ Acid and heat resistance, shear resistance.

▶ Clean label.

Citrus Fiber Powder in Beverage

3.3 Citrus fiber in dairy products

▶ Increasing emulsifying effect & emulsifying properties.

▶ Preventing syneresis, increasing creaminess.

▶ Improves taste and reduces fat.

▶ Increases viscosity and can replace other emulsifiers/thickeners.

Citrus Fiber in Dairy


Citrus fiber powder is able to be widely used in food due to its thickening and stabilizing properties, high water binding capacity and clean label, and is gradually becoming a new favorite ingredient in the food industry. High quality citrus fiber powder from Gino Gums, can make your products safer, cleaner and healthier.

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100% Natural Citrus Fiber Powder

Functional citrus fiber powder, supplied by Henan Gino Biotechnology Co, Ltd, are 100% natural fibers extracted from citrus peels.

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