What is Citrus Fibre Made From?

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What is Citrus Fibre

What is Citrus Fiber?

Based on the concept of sustainability and entire utilization, citrus fibre is a plant-based food raw material (not a food additive), obtained 100% from citrus peels. Citrus fibre is a white powder with a neutral feel, rich in dietary fibre (dietary fibre consists of soluble and insoluble dietary fibre), with a total dietary fibre content of >75%.

Citrus fibre can be widely used in baked goods, meat products (including plant-based meat), sauces, dairy products, beverages, health care products, and many other fields.

What is Citrus Fibre Made From?

Citrus fibre has a rich source of raw materials to ensure a stable supply

Citrus Fruits: Citrus aurantium, a genus of the family Rutaceae, commonly known as citrus, mainly including citrus, lemon, grapefruit, orange and other major cultivars, is one of the most widely planted fruits in the world.

The source of citrus fibre is mainly citrus peel.

In other words, citrus fibre is made from citrus peel.

Citrus Fibre Manufacturing Process

Citrus Fibre Manufacturing Process

How is the citrus fibre produced?

Citrus fibre has a simple manufacturing process to ensure stable fibre quality

The simple process of citrus fibre is as follows.
Citrus peel - Washing - Crushing - Separation and Purification - Drying - Crushing - Packaging

Citrus Fibre Advantages

Citrus Fibre Advantages

1. Sustainably produced from by-products of the juice & pectin industry

Effective use of peel resources while achieving sustainable development of society.

2.100% plant-based & Natural

Plant-based component with consumer-friendly labeling and high consumer acceptance

3.High dietary fibre & Fat reduction & Sugar reduction

Dietary fibre with high intestinal tolerance for fibre-rich, fat- and sugar-reduced foods

4. Clean label

The demand for foods made from clean label ingredients containing bioactive compounds is increasing. Citrus fibre may provide additional health benefits.

5. Allergen free with Halal and Kosher declaration

Citurs fibre is allergen-free, Halal & Kosher certified.

6. Cold processable and easy to handle

Citrus fibre has excellent cold swelling properties and is easy to handle.

7. Improves texture, mouthfeel and viscosity of final product

Citrus fibre improves texture, labeling, stability, and nutrition. A natural way to improve water & oil retention, texture & freshness of various products

8. Cost reduction

High efficiency, attractive cost to use ratio

9. Good water and oil retention, emulsification stability

After shearing & high pressure homogenization, it can form a three-dimensional network structure, the water holding capacity can exceed 30g/g, and the oil holding capacity is about 2-5g/g (3-5g oil/1g citrus fibre) 

100% Natural Citrus Fiber Powder

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