3 Key Researches on Curdlan Applications

3 Key Researches on Curdlan Applications

3 Key Researches on Curdlan Applications (5)

In recent years, curdlan has received increasing attention due to its unique physicochemical properties, and it can be used as an alternative to natural vegetable gums in food products, as a thickening agent and gelling agent.

As a new polysaccharide, curdlan has been gradually applied in the food industry, but its potential applications in food and in other industries are not well understood and need to be researched and developed by scientists.

Today we will mainly talk about the 3 key researches on curdlan applications.

1. Research on Curdlan Application in Food

The early research on curdlan was conducted in Japan, where curdlan-containing raw materials such as tofu, sweet sauce, fish paste, noodles, jam, hamburger, and ice cream have been introduced into people's daily life for a long time and are loved by consumers for their excellent taste.

Curdlan Applications in Food

The unique high temperature non-melting properties of curdlan create more novel food products such as tofu noodles, cooked fish paste, edible fiber, edible film, etc.

2. Research on Curdlan Application in Pharmaceuticals

Curdlan Applications in Pharmaceuticals

3. Research on Curdlan Application in Chemical, Agriculture and Tobacco

In addition to food applications, curdlan is also widely used in chemical, agriculture and tobacco applications.

As the properties of curdlan are further investigated, more curdlan applications will be developed. It is believed that more and more food and other products made of curdlan as additives and components will be shown to people soon, adding a brighter color to people's life.

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