Flaxseed Gum Applications and Development Prospects

Flaxseed Gum Applications and Development Prospects



Flaxseed gum has the characteristics of large viscosity, excellent emulsification performance, stable foaming, moisture retention and outstanding suspension stability, etc. It can be used in meat products, bakery products, margarine, cosmetics, health care products, etc. With the depth of research and development, it will have more outstanding performance in food and medicine in the future.

1. What is Flaxseed Gum

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Flaxseed gum, a pure natural pollution-free plant gum, also known as Franken gum, caraway gum, is a green food additive made of flaxseed as raw material, refined by scientific processing. It has a high content of nutrients, viscosity, water absorption, emulsification effect, the detoxification of toxic heavy metal adsorption, as well as the effectiveness of beauty and skin care and health care.

2. Flaxseed Gum Features

Flaxseed gum has a large viscosity, excellent emulsification performance, foam stability, moisture retention and suspension stability, etc., can form a very elastic soft gel, but also has a certain degree of acid and alkali resistance. In the food industry, it can be used as thickener, binder, stabilizer, emulsifier and foaming agent as an alternative to pectin, agar, gum arabic, sodium alginate, etc. In the daily chemical industry, it can be used as an important raw material for high-grade cosmetics; in the pharmaceutical industry, it is an excellent emulsifier for fat-soluble drugs and a binder for Chinese and Western tablets, which is very widely used.

3. Flaxseed Gum Application

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3.1 Flax Seed Gum in Food Fields

3.1.1 Flaxseed Gum in Meat Products

In meat products, flaxseed gum can give the product a stable texture and sensory quality.

It can improve the product tenderness, juiciness and chewiness, and significantly reduce the powderiness of meat products with high starch content, and the resulting meat products have stable quality, long shelf life and excellent taste.

3.1.2 Flaxseed Gum in Bakery Products

Flaxseed gum can also be used in pastry production, and can reduce the amount of eggs, cream, emulsifiers and other materials used under the premise of obtaining the same product structure and taste.  While reducing the production cost of the product, it reduces the adverse effect of excess nutrition on health, makes the product sponge structure fine and uniform, stabilizes product moisture, and whipping volume is larger, thus reducing the amount of eggs, cream, and emulsifier.

3.1.3 Flaxseed Gum in Ice Cream

Good emulsification and foaming properties of linseed gum can effectively inhibit the formation of ice cream ice crystals, making ice cream delicate and fluffy, and good resistance to melting. Also reduce the use of milk powder, oil and emulsifier.

3.1.4 Flaxseed Gum in Pasta Products

The ideal action and emulsification of flaxseed gum with starch and protein makes the processing performance of the products improved. The noodles made have good stretchability, easy to cook and not rotten, and are smooth and tasty.

3.1.5 Flaxseed Gum in Dairy Products

In dairy products, it can keep the product stable with delicate taste, increase the thickness of the product.

3.1.6 Flaxseed Gum in Emulsified Oil Field

Flaxseed gum can give the product a fine and uniform emulsification system. At the same time, it can avoid the oxidation and rancidity of fats and oils. Such as margarine, milk sugar, high-fat content of pastries and other products used not only to optimize the structure of the product, but also greatly reduce the oxidative decay of fats and oils to the product quality deterioration.

3.2 Application of Flaxseed Gum in Cosmetic Applications

Most of the oils and fats used in cosmetics are mineral oils and animal oils. It is difficult to absorb into the skin and has a low nutritional effect on the skin. At the same time, the skin feels oily and the user experience is not ideal. The use of vegetable oils is difficult due to oxidation and rancidity. Flaxseed gum is used in cosmetics, through its unique emulsification characteristics, in the product to provide a good skin feel at the same time, significantly inhibit the oxidation and rancidity of vegetable oils in cosmetics, not only to provide the skin with unsaturated fatty acid nutrients, but also to avoid its oxidation and rancidity.

3.3 Application of Flaxseed Gum in Medicine and Health Products

Flaxseed gum can emulsify the oil-soluble active ingredients in pharmaceuticals or nutraceuticals through its unique emulsification effect. Both to protect the biological activity of the active ingredients, but also to make it easier to absorb. Both health and commercial values are high.

3.4 Other fields

3.4.1 Emulsifying the Fuels with Flaxseed Gum

Fuels are both a material of great consumption in human daily life and, at the same time, a strategic reserve resource for the country. Fuel storage and transportation sites and tools are often the key targets of terrorist attacks and wartime enemy strikes.

How to improve the security of fuel storage and transportation process has been an important topic.

It has been found that flaxseed gum can effectively emulsify gasoline, diesel, kerosene and other fuels.

After emulsification, the volatility of the fuel is greatly reduced and the risk of ignition and explosion is basically eliminated, which greatly eliminates the risk during the storage and transportation of fuel and the secondary hazards caused by enemy strikes. At the same time, flaxseed gum emulsified fuel can be quickly reverted to fuel oil that meets fuel standards by appropriate means.

As can be expected, the strategic importance of flaxseed gum in this field of application is huge.

Since the 1980s, emulsified fuels have been an important research topic in Europe, America and other developed countries because of their higher efficiency and lower NOx emissions.

3.4.2 Emulsifying Toxic, Flammable and Explosive Organic Solvents with Flaxseed Gum

The safe storage and transportation of toxic, flammable and explosive organic solvents are often under great pressure and require huge costs. After emulsification treatment by flaxseed gum, the risk of storage and transportation of organic solvents will be greatly reduced.

4. Prospects for the Development of Flaxseed Gum

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China's flax resources are very rich, in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Shanxi, Gansu, etc. are abundant.

Initially, flaxseed was mainly used to extract edible oil, the use is relatively single, and the introduction of flaxseed gum brings attractive prospects for the development of flaxseed.

The development advantages of flaxseed gum:

1) It can be used in food, medicine, fuel and other industries, the application prospects are very broad.

2) Nowadays, green food is the trend, flaxseed gum has a natural advantage in this regard.

3) We have abundant resources; the price is more stable and has commercial value.


At present, flaxseed gum is in a rapid development stage, with the growth of market demand and technology, the future of flaxseed gum will occupy a place in the food and medical fields, and the application market will be further expanded.

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The 6 Main Flaxseed Gum Applications You Should Know

Kappa carrageenan and konjac gum are both commonly used as gelling agents in the food industry, their synergistic effects can significantly improve their own defects.

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