The 6 Main Flaxseed Gum Applications You Should Know

Flaxseed Gum Applications


Flaxseed gum is an extremely valuable natural polymer composite gum, flaxseed gum has a wide range of applications.

  • In the food industry, flaxseed gum can be used as a substitute for Pectin, Agar, Gum Arabic, Alginates, etc. as a thickener, binder, stabilizer, emulsifier and foaming agent.
  • In the daily chemical industry, it can be used as an important raw material for high-grade cosmetics.
  • In the pharmaceutical industry, it is an excellent emulsifier for fat-soluble drugs and the binder for Chinese and Western medicine tablets.

Today we will thoroughly discuss the main 6 flaxseed gum applications.

The 6 Main Flaxseed Gum Applications You Should Know 874-620 (3)

1. The Application of Flaxseed Gum in Flour Products

Flaxseed Gum in Flour Products

Flaxseed gum applications No. 1 is in the flour products.

Flaxseed gum has a high viscosity, strong water-binding ability, and has the property of forming a thermally reversible cold gel.

Therefore, flaxseed gum can replace most of the non-gelling hydrocolloids in the food and non-food fields.


Compared with other hydrocolloids, it has a lower price.

  • It allows for increased water absorption of the dough.
  • Extended dough formation time and stabilization time.
  • A decrease in the degree of weakness.
  • Better stability of the dough.
  • Increased hardness and chewiness of the noodles after cooking.
  • better elasticity and tensile properties.
  • lower cooking losses of the noodles.
  • Reduced turbidity of the noodle soup (clarity is improved).

In conclusion, flaxseed gum can be used in flour products to improve their edible quality.

2. The Application of Flaxseed Gum in Ice Cream

Flaxseed Gum in Ice Cream

Flaxseed gum has a good moisturizing effect and a large water holding capacity, which can better improve the viscosity of ice cream slurry. At the same time, it has excellent emulsification, which can make the ice cream taste fine.

  • Low dosage: The dosage of flaxseed gum in ice cream production is 0.05 %.
  • The expansion rate of the product after aging and freezing is over 95 %.
  • The texture of ice cream is delicate, lubricious, palatable, and free of unpleasant taste.
  • The structure is still fluffy and moderate after freezing.
  • The ice crystals are very small, because adding flaxseed gum can avoid the generation of coarse ice crystals.

Therefore, flaxseed gum can replace other emulsifiers in the production of ice cream.

3. The Application of Flaxseed Gum in Meat Products

Flaxseed Gum in Meat products

Research shows that flaxseed gum added to meat products can reduce the loss of fat and meat flavor during the cooking process.

It is found that flaxseed gum can improve the thermal stability of meat protein, myogenic fibrin and salt-soluble meat protein, and enhance the gel strength of salt-soluble meat protein, which is suitable for the processing of meat products.

It was also found that the addition of flaxseed gum in the later stages of meat processing, can enhance the elasticity of meat products, enhance rehydration, eliminate starchiness and increase chewiness.

Synergistic effect

Synergistic effect of flaxseed gum and carrageenan.

It was found that the luncheon meat with the addition of single flaxseed gum had better oil-holding and water-holding properties.

However, the effect of adding combinations of flaxseed gum and carrageenan at 1:1 (w/w) to luncheon meat was significantly better than that of adding single flaxseed gum to the samples.

It also significantly improved the quality of the luncheon meat and the texture was close to that of the sample with the addition of compound gum CK.

4. The Application of Flaxseed Gum in the Beverage

Flaxseed Gum in Beverage 874-620 (1)

When some fruit juice placed a little longer, the pulp particles in the juice will sink, and the color of the juice will change, which will affect the appearance, and there is no exception even after high pressure homogenization.

  • Making the fine pulp particles evenly suspended in the juice for a longer period of time
  • Extend the shelf life of the juice.
  • Longer color retention
  • Improve juice stability
  • Reduces turbidity
  • Reduces cost

Adding flaxseed gum in carrot juice, for example, can make carrot juice maintain color and turbidity stability better during storage, and its effect is better than adding pectin, and the price of flaxseed gum is significantly lower than pectin.

5. The Application of Flaxseed Gum in Jelly

Flaxseed Gum in Jelly

The jelly made with flax seed gum compounding products, whether in gel strength, or elasticity, water retention has obvious advantages.

  • Strong and brittle jelly gel.
  • Poor elasticity
  • Severe syneresis and other shortcomings.

Optimal Ratio:

The content of flaxseed gum in the compound jelly powder is 25%, and the dosage of jelly powder is 0.8%.

The jelly made with this ratio, no matter the gel strength, viscoelasticity, or transparency, water-holding properties, are the most coordinated, the taste of jelly is also the best.

6. The Application of Flaxseed Gum in Cakes

Flaxseed Gum in Cake

Since flaxseed gum has good emulsifying properties, it can improve the softness of the cake.

It was found through the study that after adding 1% of flaxseed gum to the cake, the compression force of the product decreased by 66%, and improved by 25% compared with 41% in the experiment of adding the same concentration of xanthan gum.

The above is all about flaxseed gum applications.

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