The Production Method of Flaxseed Gum Powder

How to Produce Flaxseed Gum Powder


Soluble flaxseed gum powder is made from the germ of flaxseed, extracted with water and refined to get the finished product.

Also can use flax seed as raw material, through selecting, cleaning, leaching, solid-liquid separating, decolorizing, filtering, concentrating, drying, and to get a natural polymer composite gum.


Do you know how to produce flaxseed gum powder?

Production Method of Flaxseed Gum Powder 874-620

1. Brief Introduction

Soluble flaxseed gum powder is mainly extracted from defatted cake meal or flaxseed seeds, usually using the water extraction method, adding iron salts in the extraction process can prevent the leaching of tannins. Flaxseed gum can also be extracted from flaxseed by using the pressurized steam method.

The yield of flaxseed gum is 3.5% to 9.4%, which is related to the method of extraction.

2. Quality Influencing Factors

In the process of extracting soluble flaxseed gum powder, the extraction agent, extraction temperature, time and stirring speed all have some influence on the quality of flaxseed gum.

Through the comparison of the extraction effect of acid, alkali and water as an extraction agent, it was found that the viscosity of flaxseed gum extracted with acid and alkali was lower than that of flaxseed gum extracted with water, and the contamination of the product by chemicals could be avoided by using water as the extraction agent.

3. Yield Influencing Factors

The ratio of water to seed affects the solids content, yield and quality of gum.

It was found that the yield and protein content of flaxseed gum changed with the temperature of extraction and the nature of the raw material, and the purity of gum obtained by extraction at 4℃ was high but the yield was low; with the increase of extraction temperature, the yield of gum increased, and the protein content of gum also increased, and the protein content of gum extracted from flaxseed meal was higher than that of gum extracted directly from the seeds.

Temperature and pH had a significant effect on the yield and quality of gum, while the ratio of water to seeds was a secondary factor, and the best solution for flaxseed gum extraction was determined using response surface analysis: temperature 85-90°C, pH 6.5-7.0, water: seeds = 13 mL:1 g.

4. How to Improve?

In order to reduce the browning of flaxseed gum powder and improve its yield, the seeds were first soaked in boiling water and then extracted at room temperature (25°C), and approximately 90% of flaxseed gum was extracted within 2h.

Flax hulls were mixed with water at 1g:30mL, stirred at pH 4.5, 60-80 ℃ for 1h, centrifuged, separated and adjusted pH to 7.0, concentrated under vacuum, spray dried to get the flaxseed gum products separated from the protein.

Flaxseed was mixed with potassium phosphate buffer (pH 7.0) at 85°C at 1g:13mL to extract water-soluble polysaccharides.

Protein powder with high gum content (HMPF) and protein powder with low gum content (LMPF) were obtained by dry separation, and isolated protein with high gum content (HMPI) and isolated protein with low gum content (LMPI) were made by alkali solubilization and acid deposition process.

Flaxseed gum powder was removed by chemical (water or NaHCO3) and enzymatic (cellulase, pectinase) methods.

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