What is Konjac gum & Konjac flour?

What is Konjac gum & Konjac flour?


1. What is konjac?

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Konjac is the underground tuber of the perennial herb, belonging to the family Tenascus, its main component is the konjac glucomannan. Konjac belongs to the angiosperms, monocotyledons, is a perennial herb with a bulb, there are no less than 163 species of the genus Konjac with scientific names. The vast majority of konjac grows in the average temperature of 16 ℃, 800 m above sea level in subtropical mountainous or hilly areas.

China has recorded 30 species of konjac genus, there are eight kinds of konjac for both medicine and food, the most valuable research and development of konjac species are flower konjac and white konjac.

2. What are the differences between konjac flour and konjac gum?

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2.1 The concept is different

Konjac flour and konjac gum is not a concept.

Konjac powder refers to the powder obtained by crushing the tubers of the konjac plant, divided into ordinary konjac powder, micronized konjac powder, purified konjac powder, among which purified konjac powder is the best, known as konjac gum. This is konjac gum.

2.2 The color is different

The color of most of the konjac powder or konjac micronized powder is not very white, and some will have black and yellow dots, brewed out with many impurities, the color is cloudy and unclear.

In contrast, konjac gum is white, the dissolved liquid is very pure, without any precipitation and impurities.

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2.3 The particle fineness is different

Konjac powder or konjac micronized powder generally 45-120 mesh, much coarser than ordinary flour, the naked eye can see the coarser, while konjac gum is more than 120-200 mesh, the particles are very fine.

2.4 Different odor

Konjac powder or konjac flour has a very strong fishy smell, while konjac gum has almost no smell, which is easy to distinguish after brewing, when tasting.


What is konjac gum & konjac flour and what are the differences between them? Purified konjac flour is the best, also known as konjac gum. Their concept, color, particle fineness, and odor are quite different.

Synergetic Effects of Kappa Carrageenan and Konjac Gum (2)
The Magical Synergetic Effects of Kappa Carrageenan and Konjac Gum

Kappa carrageenan and konjac gum are both commonly used as gelling agents in the food industry, their synergistic effects can significantly improve their own defects.

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