Low-temperature Instant Agar Agar Powder in Food Fields


In the previous article, we introduced the Properties of Low Temperature Instant Agar, and then we will briefly introduce its main applications in the food field.

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Applications in Food Fields

In simple terms, Low-temperature Instant Agar Agar Powder can be widely used in Dairy, Pastry, Confectionery, Frozen foods, Jelly, Snacks and various other foods.

1. DairyProducts

It can completely or partially replace gelatin and modified starch in various dairy products (flavored sour dairy products) as a thickening stabilizer and supplementary dietary fiber.

Adding low-temperature instant agar to white cheese, buttermilk, and fermented cow's milk products can help to reduce the deliquescence of dairy products and improve the consistency and sliceability of cheese.

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2. Pastry

It can be used as an additive or extender for pies, a gel for pastry lace, and a stabilizer for French meringues, sugar-coated foods, home-made cookies, and ice cream-based creamy foods.

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3. Confectionery

It can be used as a stabilizer and filler in many sugar-based foods, such as marshmallows, sugared fruit pieces, lollipops, and tough and elastic jelly foods.

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4. Frozen Foods

It is used to make ice sherbet and ice cream, which makes them lubricious and less prone to collapse.

In the production of ice cream, it can improve the organization state of ice cream, increase the viscosity and expansion rate of ice cream, prevent the precipitation of ice crystals, and make the product structure delicate and smooth.

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5. Jams

It can increase the viscosity of jams in jam production.

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6. Others

It can be used as a thickener and gelling agent for canned poultry products and aquatic products.

It can also be used as a preservative for semi-solid fluid food.


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