Gellan Gum E Number | Decoding Food Additive Classification

Gellan Gum E Number

Gellan Gum's E Number

1. What is an E Number?

E Numbers are codes assigned to food additives to indicate their classification and usage.

These codes are a fundamental part of the European Union's food additive numbering system, and they have gained worldwide acceptance.

The 'E' in E Numbers originates from Europe, where this system was initially conceived, but it has now been embraced globally.

What is an E Number

2. The Purpose of E Numbers

E Numbers serve several essential functions

E Numbers help identify and classify food additives clearly and uniformly. This makes it easier for consumers to understand the roles of different additives in food products.


E Numbers are associated with specific safety and quality standards. Regulatory authorities use them to control and monitor the use of food additives, ensuring they are safe for consumption.

They enhance transparency in the food industry by providing a common language for listing ingredients on product labels. This empowers consumers to make informed choices.

3. Gellan Gum E Number (E418)

Now, let's focus on Gellan Gum's E Number, which is E418.

Gellan Gum is a food additive obtained through the fermentation of particular bacteria, leading to the creation of long polysaccharide chains. These long molecules give Gellan Gum its unique properties, making it a valuable ingredient in the food industry.

4. The Role of E418 in Food

The Role of E418 in Food

Gellan Gum, with its E418 classification, serves multiple functions in the food industry. These functions include:

Gellan Gum is known for its ability to create gels. This makes it valuable in setting the texture of various food products, such as custards, gummy candies, and jams.

It helps stabilize emulsions, ensuring that ingredients like oil and water remain well blended. You can find Gellan Gum in salad dressings and sauces to maintain their desired consistency.

In beverages with solid particles, Gellan Gum ensures these particles remain evenly suspended, providing a visually pleasing and uniform product.


In conclusion, E Numbers, such as E418 for Gellan Gum, play a significant role in ensuring the safety, quality, and transparency of food additives.

These codes provide a shared vocabulary for grasping why additives are used in our food and ensuring their safety, simplifying the process for consumers to make informed decisions.

So, when you come across an E Number on a food label next time, you'll better comprehend its importance.

Exploring Gellan Gum - E418

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