Gel Air Freshener Recipe | How to Make Gel Air Freshener for Car & Home

Gel Air Freshener Recipe

Gel Air Freshener Recipe _ How to Make Gel Air Freshener for Car & Home (2)


Welcome to the ultimate guide on crafting gel air fresheners for both car and home environments!

Our exclusive gel air freshener recipe caters to businesses seeking to enhance spaces with invigorating scents.

This comprehensive guide not only shares a potent recipe but also delves into the safety aspects and best practices for using gel air fresheners effectively in diverse settings.

1. Gel Air Freshener Ingredients

Gel Air Freshener Ingredients

2. Gel Air Freshener Recipe

Gelling Agent (Carrageenan K301A)

1.2-1.5 %

Water Retaining Agents, Surfactant  (CaCl2)

0.2-0.4 %


1.0-1.2 %


0.5-1.0 %


0.6-1.0 %





Remark: K301A is our regular type - cost-effective, if you choose other high quality carrageenan, water retaining agent and surfactant can not be added.

Gel Air Freshener Recipe

3. How to Make Gel Air Freshener for Car & Home - Step by Step

How to Make Gel Air Freshener for Car & Home
  1. Premix the gellaing agent carrageenan K301Aand surfactant, dissolve the mixture in water under constant stirring, and stir evenly
  2. Stirring and heating to 80-90°Cuntil completely dissolved,stop heating and keep warm for 3-5 min
  3. 3. Filtering with 80-100 mesh sieve
  4. When cooled to about 65-75°C, add flavors, pigment, pre-dissolved emulsifier, preservative, etc., and stir well
  5. Pouring into the molds
  6. Cooling,drying and packaging.

4. Gel Air Fresheners Features

The air freshener gels produced by it have the characteristics of high gel strength, good stability, good heat resistance, strong water retention and good fragrance release.

It is more convenient and economical to use than the previous gels and is an excellent product in the production of daily chemical products and air freshener gels.

5. Are Gel Air Fresheners Safe

Safety is paramount when introducing any product into indoor spaces. Gel air fresheners, when formulated correctly and used as directed, are generally considered safe. However, it's crucial to select quality ingredients and avoid harsh chemicals that could pose health risks. Proper ventilation is key to ensuring an optimal and safe experience, especially in enclosed areas.

Are Gel Air Fresheners Safe

6. How to Use Gel Air Freshener

Using gel air fresheners is a breeze! Simply place them in strategic locations – for cars, consider placing them in cup holders or on dashboards; for homes, position them in rooms where airflow is steady. Avoid direct sunlight to prolong their potency. Refresh the scent by gently stirring the gel or adding a few drops of essential oil when needed.

In Summary

Our gel air freshener recipe empowers businesses to create alluring fragrances that captivate both car and home environments. Embrace this recipe to elevate spaces with refreshing aromas, ensuring a delightful experience for occupants.

Dive into this recipe, implement safety measures, and savor the transformative power of scents in your spaces.

Eager to enhance your product line with irresistible gel air fresheners?

Implement our tried-and-tested gel air freshener recipe and experience the positive impact it brings to your business.

Share your success stories and innovative applications of our recipe through your preferred communication channels.

Embrace the potential of our exclusive gel air freshener recipe to transform spaces and captivate your audience today!

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