Do you Know the Significant Citrus Fiber Benefits?

Benefits of Citrus Fiber

Do you Know the Significant Citrus Fiber Benefits (2)

Citrus Fiber

Citrus fiber is a dietary fiber derived from citrus fruits and is a food raw material of natural origin, unlike food additives.
Citrus fiber has a variety of remarkable properties that can replace a variety of thickeners, emulsifiers, and stabilizers in meat, bakery, dairy, sauces, beverages, and other products.

The Main Functional Properties of Citrus Fiber

Citrus fiber is an insoluble dietary fiber with excellent nutritional properties, in addition, citrus fiber also has some functional properties in food processing.

For example, water retention, oil retention, gelling properties, and certain emulsion stability, so it is widely used in dairy, meat, bakery, sauce, and other food and health products.

It is reported that citrus fiber has a good thickening effect after absorbing water, and has a gelatinous and more obvious thickening effect after high shear and homogenization.

Citrus Fiber Properties

Citrus Fiber Benefits and Advantages

Citrus fiber is used as a natural emulsifier, stabilizer, and binder in various prepared foods. Do you know the significant citrus fiber benefits?

Citrus Fibre Advantages

1.Texture Enhancement

Can effectively add thickness and fullness to the product

"Natural, not sticky like CMC/starch, refreshing"

Provides a full texture close to that of fat.

"A taste that is difficult to achieve with ordinary colloids"

Good and natural release of aroma and flavor, also adds a sense of sandy sugar.

"It can reduce the amount of flavors, fragrances and sugars without masking.

2. Excellent Processing Characteristics

  • Dissolved in warm water at about 60°C, no pre-treatment required.
  • Resistant to acid and heat.
  • Shear resistant, viscosity does not decrease due to homogenization or pipeline flow.
  • Can be put directly, no lumping, good dispersion.

3. Stability Improvement

  • Powerful water absorption ability, improve water leakage
  • Emulsification characteristics can improve the emulsification effect
  • Freezing resistance, stable after thawing
  • Gelling characteristics, improve sedimentation and product suspension
  • Foam holding characteristics, positive help to foam stability.

4. Health Concept VS New Mainstream

Citrus Fiber Benefits Clean Label

One of the most representative benefits of citrus fiber is that it is a clean-label, high-dietary fiber.

1. Clean Label
No additive concept, product labeling more clean
2. Fat Reduction
More stable, more delicious low-fat products
3. Sugar Reduction
Reduced use of sugar
4. High Dietary Fiber Content
Citrus fiber is a high quality dietary fiber, with up to 90% fiber content, in addition to its nutritional properties, it also has excellent therapeutic and preventive effects on some chronic diseases.
Citrus Fiber Benefits Fat & Sugar Reduction
Citrus Fiber Benefits High Fiber

There are many other benefits of citrus fiber that need to be developed by researchers and consumers.

In 2022, dietary fiber will become an important raw material in functional foods, and breakthroughs will continue to be made in the form of various innovations.

100% Natural Citrus Fiber Powder

Above is the information about citrus fiber benefits. For more info about how to use citrus fiber, please click the right button.

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