The Use of Carrageenan in Gelatin-Free Gummy Candy


Agar Agar and Pectin are commonly used in soft candy. Soft Candy made of Agar and Pectin is popular with consumers because of its rich flavor, moderate sweetness and non-stick teeth.

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Carrageenan in Vegan Gummy Candy

Because of its solidification, solubility and alkalinity, Carrageenan can be used as thickener, coagulant, suspending agent, emulsifier, etc.

Therefore, Carrageenan can be added to gummy candy as a gelling agent as well as Agar and Pectin.

Carrageenan soft candy is prepared by using sugar and glucose as main raw materials, carrageenan as a gelling agent, and flavors and pigments as auxiliary materials.


Compared with other soft candies, the soft candy made by Carrageenan has the advantages of:

  • Good taste,
  • High transparency,
  • Bright color,
  • Low cost,

and so on.

At the same time, Carrageenan has wide application ranges, fast solidification speed, short drying time and energy saving.

Carrageenan soft candy is simple in production process, suitable for both manual operation and mechanized continuous production, and has a very broad development prospect.

Most of all, it's Gelatin-Free vegan candy!

How To Make Vegan Carrageenan Candy?

What are the key steps?

1. Dry Mixing

Mix Carrageenan with granulated sugar in a ratio of 1:4, set aside. The sugar has to be ground into a fine powder so that it blends well with Carrageenan.

2. Melting

Heat the water which is 40 times of Carrageenan to 75 - 80 °C, then slowly add the mixture of carrageenan and sugar to the hot water, keep stirring to avoid clumping. Continue to heat and boil for a while, until Carrageenan is completely dissolved.

3. Sugar Dissolving

Add the remaining sugar, heat and stir until sugar is completely dissolved. Then add glucose and stir evenly.

4. Filtering

The sugar solution is filtered through an 80-mesh sieve to remove impurities.

5. Keep Boiling

After filtering, restart boil the solution until the temperature reaches  106 - 107 °C while the dry matter content is about 75% , then stop heating.

6. Blending
  1. Mixture 1: Add Citric Acid to the same amount of water, make them 100% dissolved
  2. Mixture 2: Pigment and Flavor
  3. When the sugar solution is slightly cold, add Mixture 1 & 2 and stir evenly.
7. Pan Pouring
  1. Prepare a clean plate with a small amount of vegetable oil on the bottom and place the plate horizontally.
  2. Quickly pour the sugar solution into the plate and keep the sugar solution to a certain thickness.
  3. Let it stand and skim off the surface bubble layer. 

PS: The pouring speed must be fast to avoid the "sugar tail" phenomenon, which may caused by the sugar liquid cooling too fast.

8. Cooling

After pouring the sugar solution into the plate, let it cool until it is set in a gelatinous form.

9. Cutting

After the sugar solution is cooled and solidified,  cut it into strips or blocks (or any shapes you like) by using a well-adjusted hob or knife.

10. Drying
  1. Prepare a metal wire tray with a small amount of oil,
  2. Discharge the sugar strips or blocks at a certain interval,
  3. Then place it in the drying room to dry.

PS: The temperature of the drying room is controlled at 55 ~ 60 ° C.

There is one point needs special attention:

In the beginning, the temperature must not be too high, otherwise the surface will crust and affect the water dispersion.

11. Cooling

After drying for about 4 hours, take out and cool to room temperature.

12. Packaging

The cooled sugar strips or blocks are selected and packaged as a finished product.

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