The 5 Main Effects of Agar Agar in Beverage

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Beverages can be divided into liquid beverages and solid beverages. Compared to solid beverages, fluidity is very important for liquid beverage products, which means thick texture, less aftertaste, and good throat feel.

A thick texture is required for most beverages, but conversely, this texture may have a long aftertaste due to high viscosity or strong adhesion, or it may not feel good when entering the throat.

Therefore, the beverage product also needs the thick texture that disappears quickly when ingested, that is, the remaining aftertaste is very small.

agar-agar technology

When using other thickeners, the two feelings of fluidity may conflict with each other.
But when agar is used in beverage products, it can meet the above two taste requirements at the same time, make the beverage dense and have a small aftertaste, and give the beverage a good throat feeling.
This texture can be maintained for a long time during the shelf life, and the viscosity will hardly change.

The main effects of agar agar are as follows:


1. It has the function of thickening and stabilizing.

Compared with other thickening colloids, it has no sticky taste. It can provide a full and refreshing taste to the product with a small amount of addition.


2. It has superior flavor release properties, which will not cover the release of the flavor of the food itself.


3. It has thixotropic viscosity, giving a thick texture to liquid beverages, but with less residual aftertaste, good throat feeling and very smooth mouthfeel.


4. Agar in beverage has a certain gelling property, so a three-dimensional network structure of a fluid can be formed in a solution at a low concentration.

It also has good suspension properties, which can make some insoluble components (such as protein, fiber, powder components, etc.) produce better suspension effects.

In addition, it can improve the stability of the beverage during the shelf life and prevent the phenomenon of moisture layer.


5. Agar serves as a flocculating and clarifying agent in the preparation of juices and wines (Stanley, 2006)

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According to the function and taste characteristics of the above agar in beverages, it can be applied to various beverages such as milk-containing beverages, vegetable protein beverages, fruit and vegetable juice beverages, cereal beverages, and tea beverages.

In some drinks with bitter or pungent flavors, such as tea drinks, coffee drinks, alcoholic beverages, etc., agar can also appropriately reduce bitter or irritating tastes, improve the balance of taste & mouth feel, and provide good flavor release.

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