Is Jelly Healthy? Is the Nutritious Jelly Safe?

Is Jelly Safe?


What is Jelly?

Jelly is a semi-solid Western sweet, with a crystal appearance, bright color, soft taste and other characteristics.

On a hot summer day, the cold jelly is refreshing and pleasant. At present, there are some nutritional jellies on the market: Calcium Lactate Jelly, AD Calcium Jelly, Calcium Iron-Zinc Jelly, VC Jelly, VE Jelly and so on.

With consumption of these jellies, consumers are also consuming the appropriate nutrients.

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What is Jelly Made of?

Jelly is a kind of Jell-O food which is made from water, sugar and thickening agent as raw material, and processed by the steps of melting, mixing, filling, sterilizing and cooling. 

At present, most of the thickening agent used in jelly is carrageenan and konjac powder.

Konjac is a herb, also known as konjac, mainly located in Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Shaanxi and other parts of China, while konjac powder is an extracted powder product through further processing, the main component of konjac powder is glucomannan, which has been approved as a safe food ingredient in China.

Because of its excellent gel properties, high stability, safety and non-toxic characteristics, carrageenan and konjac powder can be directly added to the food as an additive, which is approved by the food safety authorities of various countries to be widely used in the food industry.

Moreover, the proportion of carrageenan, konjac powder and other gum powder in jelly is generally about 1%, about 5% of the total cost.

No Gelatin

At present, the domestic jelly industry does not use gelatin (animal source, non-vegetarian ingredients) to make jelly, which can be seen from the ingredients list of jelly packaging products.

For consumers concerned about " whether jelly will add industrial gelatin ", the experts in the Chinese Sugar Commission said, no domestic enterprises will use gelatin in jelly production, unless he does not know how to produce jelly.

Therefore, there is no need to add gelatine in the production of jelly.

Is Jelly Safe and Healthy?

Yang Yuexin, director of nutrition evaluation room of nutrition and food safety of Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, introduced that jelly is

  • rich in dietary fiber,
  • rich in water-soluble hemicellulose,
  • can effectively remove heavy metal atoms and radioactive isotopes from the body,
  • play the role of "gastrointestinal scavenger",
  • and can effectively prevent and assist in the treatment of hypertension,  coronary heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity and constipation.

Also, minerals such as calcium, potassium and sodium are added during the manufacturing process of jelly, which are also essential elements for the human body.

Friendly Warning_Jelly for Babies, Children

Gino reminds consumers that jelly is rich in dietary fiber, dietary fiber has the role of increasing intestinal peristalsis, will affect the body's absorption of other nutrients, so it must be consumed in moderation.

Especially the children should not eat more, 50-100 grams a day is enough, eat too much jelly may reduce children's appetite and affect the balanced absorption of nutrients, it is not beneficial to children's health development.

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