The Significant Compounding Properties of Flax Seed Gum

Compounding Properties of Flax Seed Gum


As a natural hydrocolloid, flax seed gum has the excellent water-holding capacity, which is ideal for food products with high water-holding performance requirements, such as sausages, bread, and soft candy. The addition of flaxseed gum is superior to other food additives, its water-holding capacity slows down the rate of water release, extending the product's fluffy time and shelf life.

The Compounding Properties of Flax Seed Gum

Flax seed gum can be used as a food emulsifier, its emulsification and thickening properties also have certain advantages compared to other plant-based gums.

It also has the advantages of high viscosity, good foaming, water-holding, suspension stability, water retention, etc. Moreover, it has good acid resistance and salt resistance, and it has shown good stability in heating, freezing, mechanical shearing, various radiation and other processing methods during food processing.

Synergistic Effects

Flaxseed gum has a good synergistic effect with other hydrocolloids, today we will talk about the compounding properties of flax seed gum

1. Flax Seed Gum and Carrageenan

Flaxseed gum and carrageenan have a good synergy, this synergy is shown in:

  • Increase the viscosity of the solution and enhance the suspension stability of the beverage;
  • Increase the water holding capacity and moisturizing property of food.
  • Improving the yield of food products;
  • Keep the food fresh and prolong the shelf life of the food;
  • Enhancing the strength and elasticity of the gel.
  • Improve chewing sensation.
  • Eliminate the syneresis of the gel.
Flax seed gum and carrageenan

2. Flax seed gum and other hydrocolloids

Flaxseed gum has significant synergistic effects with xanthan gum, guar gum, konjac gum, gum arabic and other polysaccharide natural hydrocolloids, mainly in.

  • The solution viscosity is greatly improved
  • Acid and salt resistance is enhanced,
  • Better emulsification effect
  • Suspension stability, moisturizing properties are improved, etc.
Flax seed gum and other hydrocolloids
Natural Cosmetic Thickeners Flaxseed Gum in the Cosmetic Industry (1)
Natural Cosmetic Thickeners: Flaxseed Gum in the Cosmetic Industry

As one of the important natural cosmetic thickeners, flaxseed gum has effects of skincare, beauty and health care.

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