China's Konjac Products Market Has Great Development Prospects

China's Konjac Products Market



Konjac is one of the foods containing the highest quality soluble dietary fiber, which has a significant effect on the prevention of many of the diseases of modern civilization. China's konjac cultivation area is extensive, and after nearly two decades of efforts, the country has formed a four major production areas of konjac, planting an area of more than 1 million mu, surpassing Japan as the world's largest producer of raw materials for konjac. China's konjac industry has great development prospects.

China's Konjac Products Market Has Great Development Prospects (2)

Konjac contains high-quality soluble dietary fiber, its active ingredients can effectively adsorb cholesterol and bile acids and can inhibit the intestinal absorption of cholesterol and bile acids, the prevention of many modern civilization diseases have obvious effects, therefore, the health effects of konjac are also increasingly known, China as a major producer of konjac, China's konjac industry has great development prospects.

1. China has a broad area suitable for cultivation with low cost

With the progress of science and technology in China and the continuous understanding and development of the role and use of konjac, the main producing areas of the government and the majority of konjac growers pay more and more attention to the production of konjac.

From the production, it has developed from sporadic and crude planting to the purpose of commercial concentrated continuous scale operation, promoting the continuous expansion of the konjac planting area and the benefits of continuous improvement.

Konjac not only develops in the southwestern provinces, but also cultivated in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and southern provinces and regions. After nearly two decades of efforts, formed a four major domestic konjac production areas, planting an area of more than 1 million mu. China has become a leading Asian country after Japan to vigorously develop konjac cultivation.

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2. Strong demand for konjac in domestic and international markets

In the international market, China and Japan are both large producers of konjac, while Japan is also the world's largest consumption country of konjac, is also one of the main importers of konjac products from China.

2.1 Japan

Japanese people have a special fondness for konjac food, not only importing konjac gum powder from abroad every year for the production of konjac food but also directly importing a large number of konjac food.

2.2 Hong Kong and Macao, Southeast Asia

In addition to Japan, Hong Kong, Macao of the region and Southeast Asian countries are also the main konjac consumer market, its consumption are mainly Japanese konjac food and vegetarian products.

2.3 Europe and the United States

The demand for konjac powder in Europe and the United States is increasing, and the development of fiber foods with glucomannan as a cellulose has been highly valued by food processing companies in Europe and the United States.  The U.S. FMC company successfully developed the use of glucomannan as a food additive, which will promote the expansion of konjac products in the European and American markets.

From the domestic market demand, the huge population of China itself is a huge konjac consumer market, in addition, konjac in food, medicine, chemicals, petroleum, textiles and other industrial fields have great potential for development.

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3. World economic integration is conducive to the development of China's konjac industry

Economic globalization is a product of the development of the world's productive forces, but also the development of the world economy has played a huge role in promoting.

It can achieve a rational allocation of resources in the world, so that new scientific and technological achievements in the world spread more quickly, so that people around the world have the possibility of enjoying the fruits of production and development.

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Konjac is a resource-based industry, China's konjac resources have an obvious advantage, once Japan opens its market, Chinese raw materials and products will certainly occupy a large part of Japan's market share, so the integration of the world economy will accelerate the integration of our konjac industry into the world, which will help accelerate our development of international markets and promote the rapid development of our konjac industry.

Synergetic Effects of Kappa Carrageenan and Konjac Gum (2)
The Magical Synergetic Effects of Kappa Carrageenan and Konjac Gum

Kappa carrageenan and konjac gum are both commonly used as gelling agents in the food industry, their synergistic effects can significantly improve their own defects.

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